VINCH Group – that is the fusion of specialists in various fields: e-commerce, web content, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), web design, graphics & video, law & financing. As a team we implement your business concepts and if needed we’ll consult suitable investors to support you financially.


Marketer & Organizer

Lukas Gaudlitz

CEO & Founder
Founder, Visionary, entrepreneur and ideator of innovation. Having a thirst for changing the standard he takes the lead of the team through excellence formed from his professional sportsmanship background with a world-wide corporate network but also many revolutionary and unique businesses, such as Vinch.


Creative Nerd & Detail Geek

Joshua Dzombic

Internal Communication

An understanding of the intracies of our business model enables Josh to add value across Vinch: from input to strategic discussions through to website design and development, our youngest team member brings energy and a different perspective, both of value to the business.

Ambitious student of B. Sc. Psychology from Berlin with 9 years of experience in customer care and gaining. Her essential business operating areas took place in the commerce, event management and customer service of multiple berlin companies. As the right hand of the Marketing Director she is in charge of organisation and support of the internal and external community affairs.

Visionary Strategist

Sarah Jünemann



Precious Metal & Gemstone Expert

Konstantin Sécrit

Advisor & Partner
Partner, Confidence, straight-forwardness, diamond and precious metals sector expertise and getting the point across is written into his code. Konstantin learned from top and is now using his education in Gold and Diamond related operations spread across Africa with a speciality in mine development. As owner and CEO of a large construction company with headquarters in Berlin, his contacts are and operate on political level at the highest domains enabling him to build the bridge between business and government.
Partner, Backend operator, builder of business constructs and communicative point of intersection between the firm and top economic contacts, Peter brings twenty years of knowledge in communication technology, as sales manager in one and owner of another telecommunication company in addition to being a managing director of our Angola-based diamond field. Behind the scenes Peter is also managing the stage build.
Telecommunications & Finance Expert Delegate for Lagardère Stadium Solution FIFA compliant multi-functional stadiums Mandate holders for central Africa

Peter Borbely

Advisor & Partner


Strategist, Speaker, Computer Scientist & Management Consultant

Daniel Steeves

Multidisciplinary consultant and entrepreneur who applies his 35 years of international cross-sector experience to deliver clear targets: enable, strengthen and scale his fintech, blockchain and emerging technology clients by ensuring the alignment and viability of their propositions, products and positioning with their business models, targets, token/coin models, whitepaper and ICOs, from the points of view and value perceptions of their supply and value chains – their consumers, partners and investors.


„Creation is never completed. It started once, but it will never stop.“

– Immanuel Kant –